Reviews for "Cat Vader 3"

The animation was fine and all, but I grew bored watching it because there was no story and the jokes were mostly lame. I might as well have spent my time watching real cat videos.

However, that last "there is no escape" was worth at least a few extra stars.

That was so cute

Good animation. Bad jokes. Terrible Sound effects.

The near-constant looping of the vader breath (even while the cat was talking? come on!) was super annoying.
Great animation. Very fluid and detailed.
As for the jokes, I really only liked the "no escape" and the bird getting random cut in half by a lightsaber. The rest either made no sense, had bad timing, or simply didn't appeal to me.

good animation, good sound quality, good vioce acting, low consistency, low overall emotional effect

there is no escape lol but really this is what it deserves theres not much tto it cats doing what cats do try some other stuff like a parody of the moive with this cat .