Reviews for "Cat Vader 3"

it wasnt as funny as the last two i admit.i senced a great disturbance in the force,as if millions of laughs were suddenly vanquished.the rebels found out that it was due to lack of several puns by comparison in the last two episodes.they want to do a trench run with the writing team and make the empire beg for more puns.many bothins died to bring you this information.

very very funnny

I agree with BedtimeDrugz: Unfortunately, contrary to popular Internet belief, not everything involving cats and pop culture references is instantly hilarious, although I can't help but feel like those were the only two things people like about this video. "Star Wars? Awesome! Cat? Super awesome! Since that's all there is to this video, I guess I think the video is awesome!"

However it was quite dull, it went on for too long at the same slow pace, very anticlimactic, and it just didn't seem very inspired. Sorry, half a star is the best I can give for mostly competent animating.

My god this is dull... so very boring.
why do so many people find this funny and/or entertaining ?

wtf thats (Hilarious!!!!)