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Reviews for "Madness E collab"

Okay, that was shorter than I was hoping, but I saw some good parts.

Juanford - You've definately been improving, you just need to learn to ease off movements more often
Liuzirui - You've been improving as well, you just need to improve some of your walking movements
Freweawee *AKA hank1337* - Great, reminds me of how I animate, just with a different walk style
NightAT - Second best animator in the collab, you're doing well
Alfredoname - Not bad, just a bit jerky and shaky, try and improve on that
Madmanaryf - My god teach me how to animate like you do you hunky god.

All in all, yeah, it was pretty good, but next time try not to make it too unoriginal with OMFG BUILDING. PEOPLE INSIDE IT ARE DEAD. END.

juanford66 responds:

yeah... my collab parts are old, but thanks :)


juanford66 responds:

thanks :)

that was better than I thought, I really like NightATs, Juanfords and Madmanaryfs parts. good job

juanford66 responds:

thanks :P

Good, but also. I am working on my own animation, but it's my first time and I am alone, so work is going slowly. I am still in the early sprites stage! I'm only 12, so I can't pay you, but if anyone is interested, I could really use some help. PM me if you're interested!

Love madness, very good collab!

juanford66 responds: