Reviews for "Ink Battle"

I had a lot of fun! 2 strong dots, then 1 strong armored special char. and then turret was my strategy. Although skill level wasn't very high, still a very entertaining little game. I liked the graphics as well.

This is a very smart game! Excelently executed!

This should be a multiplayer game on OMGPOP, It would be revolutionary.
I found that It missed a challenge to me (I type EXTREMELY fast.) I was kind of looking for an impossible round at the end, I didn't feel any sense of NewGrounds in it animation/music wise (It felt more like an educational learning program. other than that AMAZING game.

I love this game, but it could have been harder. My mother language ain't English, but I didn't found it challenging untill the secound last level.

Also, I got the words "pony", "giggle" and "ghostly" all at once.. Seriously is that fixed, or am I just lucky?

This is like the easiest game ever to beat for me who types at 150 words per minute!