Reviews for "Ink Battle"

I really rather like this game -- it's cute, fun, and rather innovative.
As has been mentioned, it does seem to feel rather repetitive at times, but is overall well done, I think. Perhaps a wider vocabulary would be nice, or a more rapid appearance of words.

I did find a bug, however, which I would consider game breaking. It saves progress automatically, sure, in every regard but one -- money. If you buy an upgrade, it logs that immediately. However, if you then reload the page without closing the shop window, you will have your money back, and the upgrade.
For example, I presently have 200 gold. I bought Armoured 1 (because I'm slack that way), for 100 gold, leaving me with 100 gold. I then refreshed, without shutting down the shop window. After clicking Continue and checking the shop... I have Armoured 1, and 200 gold again.
I bought Armoured 2 for 200 gold, leaving me with 0 gold. After refreshing, I again have 200 gold, and Armoured 2 still.
So... Yes. Infinite money rather ruins the shop, but otherwise, this is a really enjoyable game. I rather love the background, too; it feels... Appropriately textured. ^.=.^

It's definitely a great game had a lot of fun playing it but as others have said it is a bit too short. Maybe a hard mode using some longer words or maybe punctuation would be nice.
I found i beat all of the levels during my first try.

I'm not usually a fan of type-based gaming, but this was very well done. Good art, programing seems alright, and it was a lot of fun. A good twist on a two types of gaming, and I really enjoyed it.

It could be a bit harder, and longer, but if a sequel comes out, I'll be sure to play.

Great game, only thing that could make it better is slightly clearer instructions and it would be nice if the "special" word would change with each book.

I remember playing this two years ago and i forgot the name so i couldnt play it and i spent like half of those two years trying to remember the name. So now ive finally found it..... and its still fucking awsome. although it is kinda short...