Reviews for "Ink Battle"

easy game, considering who's playing this stays the whole day typing on messengers.
also, every game is easily won by Strong+Special, and a Strong+shooter behind

and with LotR book, all i needed was strong+special

Very good game for what it is, if your making this for children however you may consider filtering some of those word, i had pimp, voyeurism, and some others there akin...

excelent game, i really enjoy it, also love the temathic and the way to invocate troops, 4.5 stars, because after a while it get a little boring

prettygood game i felt like playing team forttress at thesame time yet this game is too easy

Lots of fun to play but really easy, just didnt even need to farm for anything i beat each level once. just combine strong and armored with special. all you really need to do is send two fully buffed ones and you can win easily