Reviews for "Ink Battle"

Took me awhile to figure out that " special " and " dot " were the units to be typed out. Loved the concept and the upgrades. Got the words incest and orgasm in succession which was kind of threw me off. Also, having to spell armored without a " u " was a bit of a set-back. An overall enjoyable , and educational, game. This would be nice for students learning English.

What the fuck dude. I don't know what the default troop is called and i cant find it in the game. I can only find the once that you have to unlock whit gold. I am not going to sit here and guess what the fuck the damn troop is called. This damn game is unplayable. The art looks good and all. But still i have no idea what the damn troop is called so no fuck that 1,5 stars for art. Nuff said.

I found it extremely easy. I think it should have difficulty modes or something. Multiplayer would make this awesome though.

A little on the easy side. I didn't find it difficult to get a special unit with strength and armor before the enemy was even halfway across the battlefield. An armored, strengthened special unit overpowers the enemy. I think I only lost one on the last level, and by that time the enemy base was almost destroyed. Other than that, very good.

Great game, only thing that could make it better is slightly clearer instructions and it would be nice if the "special" word would change with each book.