Reviews for "Ink Battle"

I thought this was a very cute game. It mostly helps that the layout is so adorable. I like the notion that you can summon things simply by typing them. I didn't read the instructions at first, so I didn't have much luck with it. I would recommend putting more detail in the game, because there wasn't that much. It's still very enjoyable, because of how well it works with its simplicity. I think the graphics are good too.

The music is also nice. The dots you send look like cookies somewhat. I am such a good typist, I am very good at this game. Normally, you wouldn't really like a game that's so easy, but for someone who's good at somethings specific like typing, it is. It's funny how the enemy fortress explodes. This is a fairly unique game too.

Really enjoyed it, great game :)

The game is definitely good. The graphics is excellent, the objective of the game is clear, and the game play is excellent.

Some problems are the repetitiveness of the game, and the lack of the increase of the difficulties.