Reviews for "Ink Battle"

A very cute and interesting game. I've never seen a game before where everything is centered around typing skills, so that made the game very interesting and new to play. I also liked all the cool little things you could buy in the store. While this is a very cute and addicting game, there are some things that I think you could do to take it to the next level.
It did get harder as it went along, but not as much as I had hoped. I feel that if you expanded the story further and added a little subplot to each level then it would make it even more interesting and challeneging to play. If the background story of ink blotts roaming around ruining books was developed further it would be a much cooler and more in-depth game.
all-in-all, cute, short little game that was defintiely new and engaging. good job :)

While I absolutely, I quickly picked up on somewhat of a glitch that proceeded levels even if I only played level one over and over. I actually won the entire game this way. Perfect other than that and any other glitches found by others.

Very impressive game i would say, since you used ''Typing" to play the game in order to control the troops or Dots, but i hope there's more to come cause it was very enjoyable. Keep it up :)

I really rather like this game -- it's cute, fun, and rather innovative.
As has been mentioned, it does seem to feel rather repetitive at times, but is overall well done, I think. Perhaps a wider vocabulary would be nice, or a more rapid appearance of words.

I did find a bug, however, which I would consider game breaking. It saves progress automatically, sure, in every regard but one -- money. If you buy an upgrade, it logs that immediately. However, if you then reload the page without closing the shop window, you will have your money back, and the upgrade.
For example, I presently have 200 gold. I bought Armoured 1 (because I'm slack that way), for 100 gold, leaving me with 100 gold. I then refreshed, without shutting down the shop window. After clicking Continue and checking the shop... I have Armoured 1, and 200 gold again.
I bought Armoured 2 for 200 gold, leaving me with 0 gold. After refreshing, I again have 200 gold, and Armoured 2 still.
So... Yes. Infinite money rather ruins the shop, but otherwise, this is a really enjoyable game. I rather love the background, too; it feels... Appropriately textured. ^.=.^

Hey, a typing game that's actually fun! That's pretty cool.
I never thought my touch-typing skills would be useful for gaming, heh.

This is good. It's different to the usual, and the upgrades are innovative.
If I must complain, it's a little easy, and maybe if there were more commands or level designs it would be more interesting.