Reviews for "Ink Battle"

Lots of fun, always liked this typing games, typing of the dead's still one of my favorites lol. Is a bit short, would love to see a sequel.

It's definitely a great game had a lot of fun playing it but as others have said it is a bit too short. Maybe a hard mode using some longer words or maybe punctuation would be nice.
I found i beat all of the levels during my first try.

Very fun way to help your typing speed and spelling.
I found one problem though,
On the last level, "Rebuttar" is not a registered word, though it shows the scrap of paper for it.

I really enjoyed this game, the one problem I had was that I found I was using the same tactics for every level so even though I bought the shooters and the turret I never used them! I was basically strong and armored specials all the way for me and that just won the game. I love the idea behind it though with all the upgrades that you can buy, would love to see more of this!

It's a great game, the only problem I have with it is that it's too short.*
Seems like a great base idea for a game, if you ever decided to expand on it, I'd be absolutely thrilled.

*15-30 minutes depending on typing speed. Maybe I'm being a spoiled brat by asking for more from a free game.