Reviews for "Ink Battle"

I had a lot of fun! 2 strong dots, then 1 strong armored special char. and then turret was my strategy. Although skill level wasn't very high, still a very entertaining little game. I liked the graphics as well.

If you do a past level and complete it you will unlock the next level, only problem I can find.

Loved it. Two suggestions, once you've typed an upgrade for your unit, display a small icon near the mana to know you did it. And more levels of course :)

Wow, great game, really original. I wouldn't consider myself a fast typer, but this game was a bit easy, to be honest.
Great game though.

I kicked unholy amounts of ass at this game, but that's jusr because I'm far too good at typing. It's an excellently put together game, solid upgrades and level design. Of course, I found it too easy, and thus a little short, but hey, that's just me.
Nice going.