Reviews for "Ink Battle"

good. fun for a typing game. Rather easy and should be some more "power ups" for the opposing castle other than the arrows at the end.
Maybe adding different locations/backgrounds would help

It's good, but it feels too much like a demo. It's beyond easy. The enemy needs to spawn faster and maybe stronger enemies. Could use more levels, upgrades and enemies. Words too, many words get repeated.

How about punishing for spelling wrong?

And typing in "pause" should pause the game. I shouldn't have to use the mouse. Same with menu, mute/music/sound.

great game, really enjoyed. probably because I spell quite quickly, but still, awesome game. would really enjoy playing a sequel. more levels, a more stylized layout, more upgrades, medals. you know, everything an improvement of great game could have.
keep up the good work.

Nice game ^^

awesome game, but easy and few levels.