Reviews for "Ink Battle"

Awesome game, thoroughly enjoyed it, good to get people some typing practice lol. Keep up the good work!

Good game.

The word "nymphomania" came up, which is somewhat unexpected in a child's game though. Would love to see some parents try and explain what that means tot their kid.

Amusing game and a good quick distraction, if nothing else. You did a good job of pairing something simple (typing game) with an interesting advance wars kind of concept. Well done.

This game is really nice for a typing game. Simple but with multiple mechanics and an upgrade system to improve results. I could feel the letters-per-word progression through the levels and it has a very good vocabulary being worked from. Although there is a degree of "easy" to this game, that just makes it more inviting to people who have a lower typing skill such as myself. I was able to have fun practicing both agility and some spelling accuracy without feeling stressed that I'm not a good enough typist.

THe game is cool gives a lot of practice but i do not need practice.
Original comcept but no idea.
like the guy below said much better with these upgrade