Reviews for "Ink Battle"

The idea is awesome,could be a little harder,the enemy spawn timer is too long.Imagine this game whit german words l0l.

Well, the gameplay system was interesting; it is very efficient when you get used to it. You also didn't overdo the upgrades, which is very sensible as this did not become another grind2win flash game. However, the game was way too easy and short. There was too little strategy, too - most levels could be won by spamming Specials.

All in all, the base is good, but it feels incomplete. A harder, longer sequel would be good.

Pretty good, but a little bit easy. Overall I like the concept for the game, would be very interested to see it built upon.

Awesome idea. it could use more units though.

So far this is the best way to increase typing speed.

However, there is a glitch, re-playing levels will unlock all episodes one by one. Playing the first level when the final level is unlocked will send me to the ending screen, for instance. Might wanna fix that.

This was an enjoyable game overall, but it really had no challenge to it at all. I literally beat the entire thing without upgrading any of my equipment or buying anything. I would up the challenge if I were you for the next one.