Reviews for "Ink Battle"

Really fun game, though I wish it was both harder and longer. The instructions at the beginning were a little unclear, i thought i just had to type the words, (not dot and special) but once I figured it out gameplay was fun. Good job :)

At first i didnt know the how to play since there were poor instructions but thankfully i realised that i had dots and specials.. That should have been pointed out more.
Also i found the game prety easy, all i did was make strong specials and i would eventualy win...
Nevertheless it was a really good idea!

It was a great game. It was very addicting and it tested my typing abilities. But it was short and very easy. If you're thinking of making a 2nd INK BATTLE, make it longer. There also should be an indicator if the words "armored" and "strong" have already been typed, just like smkey21 said. But, it was still a nice game. I liked it. Keep it up! :D

a pretty fun game. I suppose you might want to make the instruction screen accessible on the main map or main menu as well as showing it before your first battle so people like fray16 don't think the game is impossible to play though. I like the graphics for the various critters, but I was a bit preoccupied to get a chance to enjoy them. Also, some sort of indicator that I'd already typed the strong and armored spells before would have been a help as sometimes I'd be so focused one typing that I would occasionally type armored before I had the mana and only realize it afterwards when I glanced down at the units and spotted one without the little indicator.

I'm not usually a fan of type-based gaming, but this was very well done. Good art, programing seems alright, and it was a lot of fun. A good twist on a two types of gaming, and I really enjoyed it.

It could be a bit harder, and longer, but if a sequel comes out, I'll be sure to play.