Reviews for "Ink Battle"

This is very fun, I like that type of concept.
It's a pitty this is so easy, I've almost never been hit by the ennemy...
Greetings anyway, I enjoyed it

This should be a multiplayer game on OMGPOP, It would be revolutionary.
I found that It missed a challenge to me (I type EXTREMELY fast.) I was kind of looking for an impossible round at the end, I didn't feel any sense of NewGrounds in it animation/music wise (It felt more like an educational learning program. other than that AMAZING game.

that was really awesome O_O
and originality of the game \m/
i wish it was longer though >.<
i finished the game before i could even try the missile thingie
it was really addicting i really wish it had more levels

Fun! Really challenged my typing especially near the end, but they never got to touch my base so I found it a bit easy. Could be longer too :-D

awesome fun! and supper addicting! wish it was longer though... :(