Reviews for "On the Wheels"

This is a retarted game! THe other racers can get hurt by cars but you can!? 0 out of 5 stars!!

It was a decent, albeit small and short, game. I wish the turning was upgradable, and that upgrading "strength" would allow your speed to not drop as drastically upon collision.

This is a pretty good game for what it is although you never need to use the breaks... =P

Only complaint I got is that the other racers can drive through other vehicles without consequences but I still finished everything 1st despite this so it's really a tiny suggestion ;)

I give it 4.5 stars!

hey uh myplayyard what tonykillm means is this game in beta

I think this was one hell of a game, and deserves 4 stars. However, it doesn't go higher as it is a bit tricky to maneuver around the pedestrian car things, etc. Maybe you could add boosts as well? Otherwise a mighty fine game.