Reviews for "Stealth Hunter 2"

Very metal gear inspired, I like it lot.
I also love that hacking is typing as fast as possible. Excellent game, and vastly improved from the prequel.

one word. EPIC. best game ever! it was fun sneaking around and killing guards. make another! but i cant belive you can take a shit in this game. xD

I will admit I have not played the first one. but judging from this one, I have a strong feeling thats it's going to be a damn good game. Now for the review.

No. 1
It has pretty damn good graphics for a flash game, the music was smooth got you into the stealth mindset very quickly.
No. 2
The Storyline was near perfect and I love that the Game is 100% strategy based, no bullshit, no fixed scenarios, no unbeatable levels. Just 100% Strategy.
No. 3
The Automatic Night-Vision was a very nice touch, it saves on button usage and you don't have to worry about forgetting which button to push to use it. The hacking was VERY creative, pressing random buttons on your keyboard as fast as possible, genius! The lockpicking was a very nice touch as well as the hacking...
No. 4
The AI commandos that actually follow you and call for backup and don't stand there like a complete moron was a very nice touch as well, made it feel more real to the player as well as the completely annoying security cameras lol The trip wires got a lil bit annoying but hey it's a stealth game. The 5 different weapons also made the game more interesting as well so you're not stuck with just one weapon throughout the entire game.
N. 5
All in all, all 24 levels were masterful and very well done.. The challenging campaign made for a very accurate and sucessful stealth game that was definitely worth playing.. This game deserves every star it gets. It is definitely a 5 star game in my book.

I played the first one when I was 7 and this one made me remember the times of mi infance when I played it,awesome graphics,storyline,games and everything.

i love thet game,need work on the settings,but i love it,i love all teh stealth games