Reviews for "Stealth Hunter 2"

It take time to get used of the control's since everything is at a angle but it just fine. The story, the gameplay, the freedom, the medals, all perfect. I really love stealth games if it was just a shooting game then I would give this a 3.5 starts. If I want too nitpick something make this game a bit longer [maybe five more missions] and maybe some character development on the main character then I would give this a 5 and put this in my top 3 favorite flash games. 4.5 stars.

|Hacking Is pretty easy, But still It's AN AWESOME GAME :D

this is the good game. It has best graphics, best sound effects, best music but what it lacks is a story! I know this may be awkward and I'm writing bullshit but there would be a good story then it would be the first to receive my 5 stars! if you find better games than this please tell me.

Very good game i can play it for one yeer :D

Great game, very fun. The medals/achievements aren't worth very many points, but they are all obtainable without having to put in an insane amount of time :).