Reviews for "Stealth Hunter 2"

Really good game. Fun and enjoyable. When's the third one out?

It's so much fun to disguise as a guard :)

I really enjoyed this game! The only thing i would comment on is the isometric geometry. While it does add to the theme of 'sneak-and-kill' it also made a few fast or precise maneuvers a bit difficult to do. Other than that, this an awesome game that i enjoyed immensely!

ok no. isometric geometry is bad enough.

but the mapping between the direction you move in the world and the keys you press is just disgusting.

i gave this less minutes than the amount of stars i'm about to bestow upon you.

and know that my vote carries with it the weight of a thousand suns.

NICE GAME MAN!!!!! i been playing it since 2012 a month after release date. Nice game man i like it! Quite simple and awesome!