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Reviews for "Lands Of Mobius eps 1"

Can somebody can tell me how to beat that Damn Crab? I cant beat him :(

Nice game. I was looking for a Sonic RPG and I found just that. Unfortunately, as I'm not a fan of episodic games, the fact this game is only part 1 of who knows how many, as well as the fact that this episode is REALLY short, I can only give it 3 stars, and that's being generous.

Further episodes should be longer, and have more variety. Extra quests, more fleshed out combat, that sort of thing. I look forward to further installments form you.

how do you get the second medal

fullmetalchaz responds:

Die, no joke

this game is cool about everything but the fighting is weird

This game strongly resembles Final Fantasy Sonic X. It's been a while since Newgrounds had a Sonic RPG. Thank you.

If you wanna hear my honest opinion what I think about your game:
[SPOILER] I hate that scene how Sonic is avoiding mecha Sonic in Slow-mo. That scene took a long time to watch. I don't have anything against slow-mo effects, but that scene took a long time than necessary.

Why is it that all the LVL.1 enemies(not counting the final boss) has so mush health and is really unnecessarily strong?. It makes sense that the wolf with the Chaos Emerald is strong but it's not stronger than the other enemies.

This game is very short and is just story driven, straight forward with no ''what would I find if I go left and not right'' and there is no ''No, I lost to the boss, I need to level up more''. It's no fun playing a game that has RPG in the description but isn't a RPG. You have a lot to learn in your sequel. Keep it up. I'm looking forward to the sequel.

The music is GREAT! I never heard of or played Skies Of Arcadia, but I like the song you used.