Reviews for "Alligator Man: Origins"

loved when the scientist pushes alligator through the window and starts eating the assistant. also 666th view!

Iznvm responds:

glad you liked it, you crafty bastard

Good of you to poke fun at the very typical super hero origin story. Nicely done. Keep up the good work!

Iznvm responds:

thanks man.. and thanks for some great music! I'm glad you enjoyed it. =D

Very good humour. The art isn't ideal, but practice makes perfect.
I kind of wish there had been an epic battle, but this works too.
Overall, good job.

Iznvm responds:

thanks man.. this version for some reason isnt as smooth as the original one, which is on youtube. But I doubt there will ever be too much of an epic battle=P

Well this is certainly worth a "Lol". It's funny and random your art style is very nice, btw.

Though, the lip syncing wasn't very good and you could have done better.
All in all this is pretty humorous and worth the watch.

That was funny, good twist at the end.