Reviews for "Alligator Man: Origins"

The animation was pretty good for a 3 day job, my only nit pick lies with the comedic timing, but that's just me being overly critical.

i loved it i laughed like 3 times considering how short the video is. my favorite was when the scientist called the alligator a maneragotor mphph

I enjoyed it, but I only laughed like once and that was at the end. Your animation was very good and there was no problems with the audio, but it really bothered me that it wasn't really funny even though it was in the Comedy section. I hope you don't think I was nit-picking. :)

Iznvm responds:

heh, it's fine... not everything is for everyone.. I'll try and be more roundabout funny in the future

funny as hell

Art: +1pt
Animation: +1pt
LOL: +1pt