Reviews for "Penny the Possessed Baby!"

You know what I love about Yotam?

I love how he does his own soundtrack, writes and voices his own work and still manages to make me laugh...Yeah it did sound a bit cheesey but you have to admit it's pretty damn cool.

That said I loved this movie as always!

For some time, i don't see a really good video who make me laugh like that.

That type of commercial is comic! Even the ones who appear in the TV!

Wow yotam, i thought that this was just going to be another lol for a few secs video but... then i noticed the details you put into it like when i zoomed into the baby box i saw that it said "warning doll is haunted for real by ghosts spooks ect." that was what me laugh...and be kinda creeped out as to why you would put that much detail into something noone is probably look at

LazyMuffin responds:

Cause someone will look at it!

i like the parth that dared you to sleep

I want one too. Then im gonna go to church with it, put it in holy water and watch it burn. o-0 XD