Reviews for "Penny the Possessed Baby!"

Haha cool idea

A nifty movie idea here, and i took a good liking to it so i will look forward to whatelse you can make from this and other stuff, but as for this one. you did a great job, allthough some parts could be better, and you can throw in other ideas aswell, LOL this was pretty interesting, and it was a cool idea, and good concept, it was not very long, but i guess thats what you can do when it was an idea of a toy, it was a funny one though, not sure how one can make this better as you have covered all the bases, but like i said its a good idea, it was funny and amusing, aswell as some nice animation and good humor to go along with, anyways keep up the good work. The idea was great the effort was plenty and you have made a good product, i wouldnt mind seeing more stuff like this, and hope to see what else you can make for us to be entertained, i do admire your efforts here though, and hope you aspire to make even better stuff,

So as i write this up i cant helpbut think of the many ways it can be better and improved, it probably doesnt need much, but maybe a few changes here and there, and ill just suggest a few ideas and hope they may work, but regardless it was a good flash. So maybe adding more scenes with other ideas, more characters and other options for the toy, but it was a good idea i thought.


I want one too. Then im gonna go to church with it, put it in holy water and watch it burn. o-0 XD

It's great...I just want one too :D

Keep it up Yotam. Wishes!!!!!