Reviews for "Raccoon's Towel"

Not enough chance to fail to win the game, and the "puzzles" really solve themselves just by clicking randomly and since the solutions are arbitrary, that's all you can really do. So I'm not really impressed. But I guess it works, and that's better than half the games on newgrounds.

The game will not load in Firefox, Google Chrome, or even Explorer. Hopefully you can get it operational again soon

gamezhero responds:


Wow, I am normally not a fan of point and click adventure games, and I'm sad to say I didn't really enjoy this. I mean, don't get me wrong, it was great to get easy medals. It's just that I'm so used to playing games like this that are much harder and longer. I miss it when the games were harder, believe it or not. I'm not going to say the instructions because you should be able to figure them out yourself. You didn't even lose the game if you made a wrong turn.

The game just wouldn't let you advance until you did the right thing. I suggest you also make the animation better. It just seems like some cheesy cartoon. If you want to get some easy medals, then by all means, play this game. Just try to make it a little more complicated next time, okay?

A nice simple easy game. 3/5. Thanks for the medals :)

i normaly like these kinds of games, but this was way to short and way to easy