Reviews for "Raccoon's Towel"

First of shut the fuck up zorthag, how many games have you made? Second of all it was a pretty easy going and short lived game but it was good for what it was. I would have liked to see more puzzling challenges and longer gameplay but it's also good to have some easy going puzzles for the younger gamers out there. Good Work.

Not enough chance to fail to win the game, and the "puzzles" really solve themselves just by clicking randomly and since the solutions are arbitrary, that's all you can really do. So I'm not really impressed. But I guess it works, and that's better than half the games on newgrounds.

Funny game to play!! Word up, y'all!!!!!!

i thought this was a simple cute little game that was easy and fun to play

A nice simple easy game. 3/5. Thanks for the medals :)