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Reviews for "Pelvishelmet & Lettucehat"

Awesome. ^_^" Catchy music, excellent animation, and I love the characters. You didn't really need to explain much in the blurb (except maybe a the name of Dollar Bill); the animation tells the story even without dialogue. Sooooo, what, Lettucehat's secret third-eye power changes people into 8-bit versions of themselves? XD Love it (and Pelvishelmet's pink briefs).

EsMatiCSounDs responds:

We're very glad you enjoyed it!! :D

Nice realy liked it!

EsMatiCSounDs responds:

Thanks! We're glad we could entertain :)

Very good animation.
What did you get on your project?

EsMatiCSounDs responds:

There is only one grade you can get on each project which is "passed" but at the end of the semester i will get a rating from 1 to 4, 4 being the best you can get ofcourse :)

I don't question.. I just accept and enjoy

awesome, the length was really long, audio was stellar, story plot was great, and although I have seen better animation in a flash videos. your drawing style and animation techniques still were worth 5/5. Loved it