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Reviews for "Pelvishelmet & Lettucehat"

Usama got NES'd to death.
Best way to die.

EsMatiCSounDs responds:

Indeed ;)

What the hell was this? Good music and animation very good actually but I have no real idea and I dont think this was meant to make you laugh or anything there is no voice work.

I just dont get what the whole point is but I will say you got great potential man hope to see more work put some voice work though I personally find flashes without any voice work boring and well humorless.

Very good animation.
What did you get on your project?

EsMatiCSounDs responds:

There is only one grade you can get on each project which is "passed" but at the end of the semester i will get a rating from 1 to 4, 4 being the best you can get ofcourse :)

I would like to see a spin off for Mister Money Monkey.

Animation great, audio good , a little repetitive but good. Concept cool, loved the walrus. If the author had enough time to have added sound effects and a slightly longer fight scene his animation would have been #1 instead of #5. Hope he keeps up the good work.