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Reviews for "KONY2012"

Listen, I'm sorry to say this, and I definitely understand, but this isn't like all the stupid shit that you're likening this to, I get it, but this is a little much, although there are some people out here that take it TOO seriously, so I'll give you that.
god I sound like a pretentious prick.

I have a mixed opinion on Kony 2012. I did donate $10.00 but after that I saw one of his movies and it kinda sucked and that the co-founder was spotted jacking off in public and arrested.

Kony 2012 is a SCAM! if you donate or what ever he doesn't give it to some fucking charity to stop kony he keeps most of it and sends like 5 cents to the damn thing!


Couldn't breath after watchin' this. But KONY2012...is kindah wierd.