Reviews for "Pirates of the Stupid Sea"

This... is... THE BEST DAMN THING IVE PLAYED ON NG ! I rarely give a perfect score. BUT PotSS deserves it!

So imaginative, so funny, fluid fun and simple gameplay, but it's the ATTENTION TO DETAIL that makes this one a home run.

The story, the music, the presentation, the silly humorous comments made me want to see every single treasure chest .. "yarr, there be hamburgers! mayo filled ? back to da deep with ya!" xD

And then the ending is so satisfying... THE PUKING FISH OMg trophy, i couldnt believe it, we even get a funny/sexy calendar. And the slot machine which allowed me to buy everything be4 the final battle.
Music is just perfect! The whole packet 10/10
Epic, funny, witty, cocky, fun to play.

I hope the sequel will be even better!

Very nice, but rather short. It would be nice if the game had an open ended mode and you could capture ships and make them follow you or commandeer them.

You can actually fire more shots if you just click and hold after firing. (update?)

2 words epic whinnnn the best game ayv playd in a long time

I loved this game!
The artwork was great, the animations adorable, and it had a great deal of awesome humour!
Only downside was that , while you followed the cannonball, you couldnt chose to get back to the ship to aim again. Very good overall.