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Reviews for "RAPTUS"

i found it very touching, we have to live with our mistakes in a way or another dealing with it. It was the most beatufull game i have ever played, too bad there aren't much of this genre

Amazing Art game! Great story, great concept... but Love or Death isnt concept, its state of mind. Great work, with little problems in gameplay, but it works (slowly scenes, mouseHide is little boring, frameset is too down - maybe optimalization may help you). Good idea with moire effect. I love this Artgames.

senza parole...

Hi, i loved this game so much that i had to make an account only to say it. It has the most beautifull atmosphere that i ever seen in my entire life, i felt this feeling only when i was playing Mass Effect 2, but it is a millionaire game. this one here is simple but beautifull, i love how deep you get in the feelings of the humanity, how you play with the feelings.. My favorit part was when he meet the girl for the first time and go with her. but he left his bones behind, which means that he left his sanaty behind. and the body that was going with the girl was full of emotions and feelings.. this was only one of my favorit parts in this game.. Well.. You got a beautifull artistic content in this game buddy..
I really hope to see more of your work in the future, im curious to know how deep you can get inside of the feellings of a person and i want to see more perfect atmospheres like in this game.. Thanks for the great game! Cya..

AlanZucconi responds:

Woah! Never been compared to Mass Effect 2, so well... thank you! :-)
When you are doing games that are supposed to be artistic, it is very hard to find the right audience. But when you succeed, the game can go way beyond its simple seven minutes.
I designed a story and an atmosphere so that it would evoke a certain emotions in me. I'm really glad that the game managed to reach you in the same way.

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