Reviews for "RAPTUS"

Drama Game ;_;

Incredible game. It really did make me think about things and I had to read some of the comments and rethink about what happened to understand it. One thing I noticed is that when he driving near the beginning of the game it show what looks like the word rail onscreen. Why is that there?

AlanZucconi responds:


Too bad that very few people got it! :p
It is RAIL, but because the light goes backward, you should read "LIAR". :-p
It appears in fact when he said "I realise now that I had no choice".
I was thinking about changing the "R" as I did with the title. And yes, the idea is stolen indeed from "REDRUM". :p


I've always been a huge fan of "art games" and this is one of the better implementations of the genre out there. I love the antithetical themes and the profound little atmosphere you've created within this game.

Fantastic job, I hope to see more like this from you in the future.

I really appreciate this type of game. Great work here. It really bends the idea of what a "game" is supposed to be, but it's not just an interactive movie. This is the kind of art that I would like to see games transcend into.

I love how well written this game was. One of the smartest games i've ever played, and i went through a couple of times to find things i might've not seen before, like how the lightning strikes are symmetrical with the guitar strums in the beginning. Well done, 5/5.