Reviews for "RAPTUS"

What a sad and messed up story. So the player are the destiny that pushed him around i guess, although at the end the protagonist managed to make decision that against the destiny by choosing his own path. The art are awesome, i like how the guitar played everytime there is a lightning in the background. Wonderful game.

Raptus is an exceptionally well done piece, even for its few flaws. The only question I have is why does it say R A I L in the lights at the beginning?

AlanZucconi responds:

Thank you! :D
It says "R A I L", but if you read the letters in the way they appear you can actually see "L I A R"! :-p

That story took a turn for the worse. I mean, maybe he should have just waited till she was ready? Captivating story. I don't know how I feel about playing the part of Destiny, at least when destiny here pushes people toward such horrid ends. But that's what makes the story so captivating.

On a technical note: this game should be more interactive, though. I think it would be much better just without the commands ("push him" or "click her").

how d you get secert meal

fucked up but awsome