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Reviews for "RAPTUS"

A very well told and slightly interactive story.
Enjoyed it. Though a bit depressing.....

A mistake is not intentional. Most perceived 'mistakes' are done on purpose until the regret hits then they become 'mistakes'. SO..they should be called 'Regretting On purposes...?' I dunno.

Anyway...nicely done!

AlanZucconi responds:

You highlight a very good issue!
Mistake are not intentional. At least, not in a conscious way.
However, when a mistake occurs is because we are somehow too weak to prevent it.
If a cup accidentally slips from your hand, it wasn't your intention to break it but your reflex wasn't fast enough to catch it.
Maybe He lost his [mind] balance just for a moment. And he wasn't strong enough to prevent ...the raptus. Doing what He did wasn't a mistake, but maybe the mistake was letting you take the control.
And maybe just that brief moment of weakness was enough to "destroy everything that you have"...