Reviews for "RAPTUS"

It wasn't really my taste. It seemed more like a movie than a game, the graphics were alright but I didn't really like the clicking.

AlanZucconi responds:

I'm sorry that you didn't like RAPTUS, but I guess that you highlight its major feature: it's not a real game. At least, not in the "conventional" way. RAPTUS is an interactive fiction.
Its purpose is not "to be played", but to deliver a message. People who play it expecting to play a game, will be indeed very disappointed.

so good. so powerfull. unshure to feel sorry for him or angry at him though. incredable.

AlanZucconi responds:

Thank you for the review!
This is exactly the emotional state that I was trying to achieve with RAPTUS.
It is designed to grow your guiltiness. And then to let you decide what to do with it.
This is why in the final scene ...the choice on His fate is in your hands. :-)

A very well told and slightly interactive story.
Enjoyed it. Though a bit depressing.....

A mistake is not intentional. Most perceived 'mistakes' are done on purpose until the regret hits then they become 'mistakes'. SO..they should be called 'Regretting On purposes...?' I dunno.

Anyway...nicely done!

AlanZucconi responds:

You highlight a very good issue!
Mistake are not intentional. At least, not in a conscious way.
However, when a mistake occurs is because we are somehow too weak to prevent it.
If a cup accidentally slips from your hand, it wasn't your intention to break it but your reflex wasn't fast enough to catch it.
Maybe He lost his [mind] balance just for a moment. And he wasn't strong enough to prevent ...the raptus. Doing what He did wasn't a mistake, but maybe the mistake was letting you take the control.
And maybe just that brief moment of weakness was enough to "destroy everything that you have"...