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Reviews for "RAPTUS"

I've played this game so many times for a while trying to figure out what its overall message is but it just makes me so much more... confused.

What's being conveyed exactly? Because self-interpretation doesn't satisfy me that often :P

Pretty confusing though.

I liked this game.

Here is my review (I don't like writing reviews because I'm not good at it but I guess this one deserves it).

I like almost everything about the game. The story, the background music, the plot, the environment, the gloomy/dark atmosphere. I think it if you tried to make it better you wouldn't be able to.

I think this is the kind of "game" or interaction fiction, like you called it, that is different and sometimes really shows you how life really is (not always a happy ending). BTW, I think this is more like a interactive novel (or short story).

So, what did I not like?

Well, it is not that I didn't like but more like I disagree with it, still, I guess it is a matter of opinion and everyone is entitled to an opinion, so I guess it's not really a big deal. I disagree with the "Love is like death, a one-way street". I guess that is how you define selfish love, but then again, it might be a point of view you are exposing.

Anyway, I see potential here and it is a great talent that you have. I hope to see more of your work or art around.

Good Job. :)

damn my time was 666 seconds O,O

Thats pretty screwed right there.
Both endings are kinda sad.
Good work with this game.