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Reviews for "RAPTUS"

Definitely one of my favorite "art" games. The story is unique on its own. I hope you make more games like this. And I also hope the story-telling will be more awesome as it is.

great game keep it up

While playing RAPTUS, I saw the black outline as well after the boy and girl share an umbrella and walk away. For one reason or another I became extremely scared of the outline/skeleton and my body is shivering. Was it there on purpose or just an accident? Overall good game, made me think.

AlanZucconi responds:

It was indeed! :-)
Too bad that not everyone saw the skeleton! :-p

after finishing both ending... i realized... are we the voice? and also... did this happened to you or did it just pop out of your head?

AlanZucconi responds:

I don't hear voices, if this is your question! :p
So don't worry ahah! :-) I'm not planning to kill anyone. Not in this week, at least! :-p

With RAPTUS I was keen to explore the concept of Love, but with a different point of view.
We are all used to tacky and cheap love stories from movies and books. I wanted to do something different. Something that include a Love that is sick, pathological and disturbing. I like the fact that Love is not always little pink hearts floating around... but it can be something terribile, yet remaining pure and true in its sickness.

I love art games, and Newgrounds is home to a number of great art games.
The graphics were very nice as well as that sort of glitchy-hazy feel; lent itself to creating a very nice atmosphere. The music was very ethereal and fitting. The pacing might have been rather slow (may a tad bit faster) but it fit this game.
The story? Goodness, the lines and the plot were excruciatingly trite. I'm not sorry, his lines made me laugh. It was a half-assed attempt at being deep. Dude ... really? He meets a girl, wants to do the nasty, but when she realize she's not ready, he bloody kills her? How in the world is that love? I picked the suicide ending and really now, in the after life, she wouldn't want ANYTHING to do with the jerk who murdered her.
The graphics were great but that attempt at a deep story line was a joke. Exactly what concepts of love and death are you trying to explore? You've got to work on your idea a bit more if you're going to live up to the level of your inspiration.