Reviews for "RAPTUS"

Even though it has soft music it doesn't really make it heartwarming but kinda unsettling, not beautiful it kinda shows it in a disturbing way, it kinda makes you tear up for what you do and don't recognize what you're doing, because if you would have known im pretty sure you would definitely stop. And there is no option to stop even if you don't click the game makes you want to click to complete the game. (im talking about that part)

It might serve as an experience but as a game it does not offer the freedom, as the description says: The illusion of free will. But come on, the game is linear, not even the part of "Then i kissed her" "Then he kissed me" is an option, as it chooses "Then he kissed me", so you can't have much control of what you do, even if the game supposedly gives you that option, and in the end it was pretty much in vain the number of clicks, because, you don't really earn anything with this. So, the only option in the VERY end, is to rather run away or drown yourself. Ether choice makes a depressing ending still, that doesn't change anything...

At least it has it's depressing atmosphere in the air with noir-style pixels and heartwarming music, but otherwise as a game doesn't do much. Sorry for my english.

Piece of shit boring game that uses the veneer of "art" to justify it self. Who wants to play a game where all do you is murder a women and kill yourself? Soft music and a black and white color scheme don't make up for its loathsome content. Implying a rape, only to swerve and go with a murder instead? The only enjoyable moment is when you get to drown the bastard. 0/0

Bunch of doo doo. Leave the psychopathic stuff for the psychopaths.

Of course a game like this wins the international day for eliminating violence against women. People want a cheap quarter-chopped game that appeals to peoples senses very quickly without having quality.

Poor game.

One word Necrophilia.