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Reviews for "RAPTUS"

a really good game so i say five sares

Art game.

Awesome pixel animation. Love the use of lighting.

A little slow for me, kind of a touchpad/button breaker.

The game isn't conventional because it incorporates a sort of mind/will defect that the main character has. Tho that's just the way I interpret it. I don't believe spirit possession is plausible in this game, neither is this game very "philosophical" cause the plot was fairly choppy and most of the time, the main is just constantly wallowing in his own guilt rather than thinking about what he's done and wondering why he did it. In fact, he showed absolutely no resistance at accepting why things occurred, which is why he seems to me to have some sort of anxiety/mental disorder that just automatically makes him drown in his own self-pity until he decides to either run or off himself. If any word could describe this game it would be narrow-minded.

thoughtful and deep. you have crafted a great masterpiece. it's saddening, joyful, scary and perplexing all in one. bravo! please make a sequel. and a download section for any future songs.

this was probably the best thing I've ever done ever. I loved it so much. The music, the clicking, the everything it was just amazing.