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Reviews for "RAPTUS"

love the fucking music

well that was actually a pretty nice game. when i killed her it really surprised me. btw i immidiately took the suicide-ending without even thinking. just took the walk-away ending to see what would happen.^^

This game was eerie to me. I expected much different when I realized it was a pixel point n click but it managed to creep me out more than most scary point n click games. The ambiance was creepy the entire time and kept me wondering what would happen next. When it got to the murder part I just didn't know what to think but it was an unusual twist and it kept me perplexed yet wanting to finish the game. Overall this game had the perfect amount of eerie yet perplexing gameplay and I enjoyed it very much. Good work.

it can't push him...

well,, for me i thought this was gonna be scary but....i like it.......