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Reviews for "Grow Your Balls!"

good job dude, nice art too!

EWW. but good.

Woah, that was great to watch, it was just very deranged. Of course, I've heard it's some Japanese legend that raccoons have giant scrotums or something. If I saw something like that, I would simply kill myself before that monstrosity did ANYTHING to me. It was great to see something of such high quality. It reminds me of the stuff people put out for film festivals. You might want to enter this, if no one is grossed out by it.

I love the dinosaur monster depicted here. It's cool how you can clearly see all of the parts that make up its body with the green jello or whatever it is around you. The animation is beautiful, even though the content is dead on disturbing. Everything is just so nicely detailed. I appreciate the colors, too.

Yes! Holy cow, no way! Totally sweet 3D movie! Action packed and Furry-ish! Excellent! ^w^

excellent 5!