Reviews for "Pokemon But With Animals3"

They've said all, so i can just say: GREAT!

Honestly I like the poor animation. I think it's perfect and original. The lousiness actually adds to the humor. And with all these people liking PBWA do you really think animation is of concern? And in the next few episodes (if there are gonna be any) with amazing animations and such shit it won't really be the same.

The voice acting has been wonderful. From episode 1 - 3. I noticed how Misty's voice is a tad masculine probably due to the lack of female voice acting or simply for improved humor. I don't really like it that much. You should probably recruit more voice actors in NG.

I thought that sense it took so long that the humor would be kind of off (sense over time our humor get's kind of different) although the comedy in episode three is just as great, maybe even better. Has a lot of creativity into it. And it's a good thing that your mate talked you into making this.

I sincerely hope you make more, and make sure that the series sticks with similar animation. :D

This is awesome pls make more :DDD

Another great addition to the series.

Jizzm that one gets me every single time haha.
Had a good laugh, keep these up.