Reviews for "Pokemon But With Animals3"

This is pretty funny! I have to see the others now. Great job and keep it up!

You put sooo much work into this and it is very funny compared to many videos on here. I love the slap stick comedy and I can't wait to see more of these.


MY GOD! I f.cking love this series. This slams everything I hated in the game and cartoon and more that I didn't notice. Pokemon truly is a flimsy excuse for a franchise. This is one of only a handful of movie series I actually laugh at and rewatch. This series still has not become stale.

5/5 and all my bases and internets to you.

"Wot?! You only use fish? And you only have 3 of them? How do you people get gyms...?"

This was just as good as the other ones! If your art style gets better every time this may become a staple show.