Reviews for "Madness: Project Nexus (Classic)"

This is by far THE best Madness Game I have played since Madness Retaliation! I can't wait to see what new content is produced, and the music that may be used. This is an amazing game and I'd LOVE to see much much more of it! Great music, Great game play, and awesome Arena mode items and Mercs!

okay so nice game awsome everything but it need a multiplayer mode and when that hapends (sry im from mex -.-) this will be perfection nuff said

Man, it's a little hard to believe it's been so long since this game came out, Things changed a lot since then but this game is still great. Keep doing what you do guys!

Well...i would give it a 3 But its cool i mean look at it good Gameplay...The A.I. Maybe crappy but its good and good i played it....but some changes how about updates like im tired of going to wave 1 everytime i die....its annoying but also Can you update the game with multiplayer staying on waves also Co-op...im not trying to offend you like saying "YOUR GAMES SUCK YOU SUCK" im just saying that you should update it so....5 outta 5

No esperaba menos del mismo creador ;)

This game is just AMAZING. I wish there was a dual wield ability though...........