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Reviews for "Madness: Project Nexus (Classic)"

This is so much better than Maddnes Interactive

Absolutely amazing! Best madness game i have ever played, probably best fighting game too! Isn't it slightly sad when your arena character becomes better than the story ones :) Can't wait to see what the producer releases next!!!

I created an account JUST to tell you that this game is the best game ever made ever in the history of TIME, Soo yeah.Also It does lag alot in some cases so just make sure to try and fix that 1 problem some time soon but other than that its really good
Keep em coming Krinkels and swain!!!

It leaves a white screen :( why

Great gameplay easy too learn game mad fun! im a really big fan of the madness comnbat series andthe whole game really gives you the complete experience i really felt like i was controlling the real characters! though how do you kill those bug metal guys im having trouble could someone give me a tip lol