Reviews for "Madness: Project Nexus"

i dunno if its a bug but it doesnt save my game i played 2 hours for nuthing!
still a great game!!!

1. you need more rooms for arena stage. Maybe it could be floors with stairs or with traps(for example, blender in INCIDENT:001Ð). New modes(fights with bosses, limited time for walktrough and, if it's a blender, then filled with blood for a limited time).
2. You ned to add anomations for enemy's emotions(indication of a finger on the player, fright, request for help, animation of inaction with weapon).
3. Need options for colors of clothes(At least white and black). Need one more slot for things(bag on the back, gloves or something similar).
4. Interactive environment(more shelters, destroyable stuff, activated stuff)
This is quite a lot, but if you add in the game at least to part of it, the game will be much nicer. Thank you for your attention

muito bom é um pouco igual a madness combat

i failed on last boss!

I liked this version of madness the most than the whole madness series btw!! 5 stars from me