Reviews for "Madness: Project Nexus"

This game is awesome. I've been watching videos of these on YouTube and it's really fun. The only problem is that there is a glitch that makes my move to a certain direction until I hit a wall and i can only move if i click space, and then it forces me back again. It's really annoying and gets me killed every time. Somebody fix this now!


best game ever!
if u want my loadouts here:
Heavy loadouts: Riot helm, Blast,all types of metal suit,Golem scalp, guard and scraps, robo helm guard and suit
Medium loadouts (Again...): german style (Without der officer), Soldier helm, amoured suit, iron slab and golem guard ( :/ )
Light loadout: Swat cap, goggles, and padded suit and breather (any type!)
Reason why cuz i like antistress games!
just got a Wateves emote
U W0T M8
redballesteros just copied the text what a copycat

eu nao sei esplica porque gosto desse jogo talveis pela grande variedade de armas q vc pode uza ou a faca quebrando e dando hit kill
adoro esse jogo

Its a great game i cant wait for the next one and my record is wave 40