Reviews for "Madness: Project Nexus"

I love madness!!!!!!!!

bronies/ponies suck this games kickass

im proud to be a brony

This game is really fun and addicting... It really is.. Secondly the arena mode is fantastic you can purchace guns, melee weapons, shades, armor, helmets and other stuff. This game is excellent if you like shooters and such.

First off, I just want tot say this game is very addicting. The story behind it is a bit lackluster, but that was never a main point to the Madness flashes, so I won't deduct points for that. Also, the graphics are just beautiful, it's like I'm watching a flash. The arena mode at first is a bit hard, but them gets easier with more money and higher stats. And just like all the Madness flashes, the gore is just unbelievable.