Reviews for "Madness: Project Nexus"

Fucking awesome game, love playing it. Go Jesus!

Its amazing this game!!!
my problem with it is the intensive lag and isnt because i have a crap PC thats for sure...
in the campaign mode is very dificult in the last levels because of the lag, and in the arena around level 40 and with a full team i can barely move...

I can't beat the huge guy with the red armor...i can crack his armor (i don't know how i do it though) and that's it...but still an awesome game

game doesnt load anymore D: though when i played it it was awesome :D

This is a very great game, but I do have one major problem with it. I think you should make the game saves server sided, not in our files. You don't know how many times I have had to restart my story and arena progress because I've lost my saves. Other than that, it's perfect!