Reviews for "the loop of ideas"

trippy the game dosent exist untill you beat the game.......witch dosent exist till you beat the game.....ow my brain

ragevb responds:

Exactly... :)
Well noticed.

for something made in 12 hours this is great. even outside of that its still cool because of the lvl of artwork

This has a nice, smooth gameplay, a good premise, and gorgeous artwork. The only thing I would change is the font for the thought bubbles. Best of luck for the competition!

My only complaint about this game is how hard the part to guide the bulb through the "labyrinth" is.
I just.. couldn't get past it.
Other than that it was good for something made in a matter of hours.

ragevb responds:

Let's say it represents how hard it was for me to the get an idea for this game :P

It's exceptional for a game made in 12 hours, but needs work still.