Reviews for "Dragon Age Journeys"

It's hard to load...

As the guy under me said, the game is too short. I loved it, but when I finished it, I felt like it was an assholish demo to make me play whatever you promoted. This is freeware, that's why everybody likes it. I am not going to play whatever you wanted just because this game is good. The story doesn't even finish properly, and if it was reasonably longer, it could have been one of the best damn flash games ever.

Now I feel bad for everytime I rated it 5.

Fuck you!

The game was really good, just that is was too short and I don't see the point on the power ups above level 8 if the game its already over by that time you almost reach it. It doesn't fit I believe in that point really is a tragedy. Still it was well done game no bugs and really interesting format.

awesome game! i did find one bug though. It's my second time going through and after you get the grey warden and return to talk to the dwarf, when the dialogue is done the game doesnt let you move around or click anything, saving and reloading seems to fix it. but other than that i love it!

very cool like dragon age i had on my computer but played better.
my laptop sucks can play hl2 but not this very strange any how not bad the generic combat system is a little lame but the univerce is very cool any ways love how they played on the council. i give the hard coppy about the same rating. lacking in a branching ability its like kotor but im stuck in one lone alot more. well thats how it appears to me. not talking about the flash at that point tho. nice game.