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Reviews for "DICE ROLL"

A d6 generator with a smooth "Yatzee" look.
The Medals incorpored to the generator are a good point for me, it is original for this kind of program.
Still it is totally un-random, 40-50% of the results are "1" (tested on a little more than a houndred clicks)

With a texture or two and a new random generator, it will become a nice gadget for many roleplayers, in my opinion.

Psst Who ever hasn't played this....(it's REALLY EASY)

This isn't really a game. It's just a random number generator if you need to simulate a die roll.

1/5 for the medals I got in less than 10seconds.

Okay, so it does what it says it does, but... why? I mean, it's not even really animated. I could have made something like this in MS Excel in five minutes. Medals were cute, I guess.