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Reviews for "Epic Stand"

The game's alright, though I feel that it relies more on spamming spells that any real strategy.

Pretty good, a liitle short. Maybe in the sequal add more friendly units and maybe a new spell or 2


Fix it.

I certainly wouldn't call this epic. As far as defense games go this is pretty basic stuff. I didn't find the gameplay very interesting. You start off with only one spell, and the rest of the defending is on autopilot. Kind of hard to get invested in such a situation.

It takes a lot of skulls (or "sculls", as they're called in the game, for some reason) to unlock more spells, and in attempt to stock up for it, you waste opportunities to upgrade your defenses. I get that these are "RPG mechanics", but why does it have to take so long to get an new spell? The gameplay is just so dull at the start, getting something else to do than click repeatedly.

A game like this works best, if you give the player more distinguishable rewards frequently. Sure, I can add cauldrons of hot oil, but how does that improve the gameplay? It doesn't. I'm doing the same thing over and over again. Give me something to look forward to.

The art style is nice, and the music is good- until it loops incessantly, and is recycled for every level. But work on the gameplay some more. It's just isn't very interesting now.

genyuk responds:

Thanks for a useful feedback, mate!

For me it's an average game.

First, why bother with a mana system? The cooldown is enough to equilibrate the spells. Here, you just spam your frostbolt, use fear when there are some healers and when you have no more mana you're basically dead. The core of the game is spamming the forstbolt as fast as you can but you're doomed from the start because you use your mana faster than it regen (in survival mode of course).

There is plenty of things in the game, but too few of each.
-You have units, but you can't command them or really upgrade them.
-You have traps, but only 2 differents kinds and nearly no upgrade.
-You have spells, again very few power-ups and some are too weak in respect of the cost of skulls/mana

In the end, you have some good ideas, but none of them is fully exploited. Meaby the "arena" is too close so you don't have the room to add more stuff...